Thusia Seventh Day Adventist Church

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Thusia Seventh Day Adventist is an independent church separated from  the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventist. Thusia SDA  has been established by the will of Yahweh and it is geared towards upholding the true pillars of Adventism.  The 1888 message of Justification by Faith, Sinless living is possible; Christ coming in sinful flesh are doctrines that  came to the church by Elders Jones and Waggoner but was sadly rejected.  As a result, the large body of Adventism has lost their true purpose and distinct identity in this world and therefore is incapable of fulfilling its mandate in these our last days.

For this reason, Thusia Seventh Day Adventist Church exist.  It is not a new church, but an old one revived and mandated by Yahweh to take up the precious truths, stampled and rejected by the General Conference of SDA.  The third and fourth angels' messages which are messages for these our last days are proclaimed and understood by each member, for within lies not only our purpose but our destiny.

This site is therefore dedicated in teaching many the pure truths, showing the contrast of all religions and giving one the opportunity to have a clear and systematic understanding of the Plan of Salvation. 

Christ came to our earth and this great purpose was to save many from their sins.  The Saviourship and Creatorship of Christ goes hand in hand to redeem a world that has been affected by sin and its demises.   The books on this site composes of many varying themes to teach one how to overcome sin and thus prepare for the second coming of Christ. 
You are therefore invited to download the free booklets and to view the many videos on the site and to contact us for further bible studies.
We, the members of the Thusia SDA church are geared towards spreading the truth throughout the world, in voice, pen or if God do grant us that privilege, by presence as well.
May you greatly benefit from the materials that are given to you on this site and feel free to join our blog.   May God richly bless you.


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